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Welcome to the exciting world of Waano Bot, a 2D sci-fi themed platformer that will take you on an adventure like no other! In this game, you play as a futuristic robot who must navigate through a series of challenging levels, collecting secret chips and avoiding enemy bots, flying bots, and deadly obstacles along the way.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter a variety of challenges that will test your skills and reflexes. From dodging bullets and spikes to jumping over giant blades, every level presents a new set of obstacles to overcome. But don't worry, you have the power of double jump at your disposal! Use the "WASD" or "Arrow" key twice to perform a double jump and reach new heights.

With eight levels to play, Waano Bot offers hours of thrilling gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And as you advance through the levels, the difficulty will increase, providing an even greater challenge for seasoned gamers.

So what are you waiting for? Put your platforming skills to the test and join Waano Bot on an epic adventure through the stars!
Waano Bot is a 2D Sci-fi themed platformer where you have to collect all of the secret chips while avoiding the enemy bots, flying bots and their bullets, spikes, giant blades and reach the Exit door in order to go to the next level. There are 8 levels to play and the difficulty increases as you proceed.

Use "WASD" or "Arrow" key twice for double jump.
Use "W" or "Up" arrow key twice for double jump.



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