Trash Doves

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Welcome to the world of Trash Doves, where you get to help a mischievous dove wreak havoc on some unsuspecting eggs! This arcade-style casual game is all about timing and precision as you tap your way through a flurry of eggs coming at you from both sides.

The gameplay is simple yet addictive - you control the dove by tapping on the right side of the screen to break eggs on the right, and tapping on the left side to break eggs on the left. But be careful, because tapping on the wrong side will result in a game over!

As you progress through the levels, the eggs come faster and faster, and the timing becomes more crucial. You'll need lightning-fast reflexes and a keen eye to keep up with the pace of the game.

But don't worry, Trash Doves is not just about fast-paced action - it also boasts stunning graphics and exhilarating background music that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Trash Doves and help them trash some eggs today!
Help the dove trash some eggs! Trash It Dove – is an arcade-style casual game. A dove that stays in the same place will wreck the eggs that are coming toward it. Tap on the right to break eggs on the right, and tap left to break eggs on the left. Tap on the wrong side and it will be a game over. Be careful about the timing. As, when the time bar will run out of time, the game will automatically end. The game is simple and fun, with fascinating graphics, addictive gameplay, and exhilarating background music.

Use A D or Left or Right Arrows Keys or Left Mouse Button



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