Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy

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is an action-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! In this game, you play as Stickman, a skilled marksman armed with an AWP, who is on a mission to take down the infamous Huggy Wuggy. Huggy Wuggy is a mischievous and elusive creature who has been causing chaos in the city, and it's up to Stickman to stop him.

The game is set in a variety of different environments, from the streets of the city to the halls of a monster school. As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter a range of different obstacles and challenges, including lava floors and hordes of stick monsters.

To defeat Huggy Wuggy, you'll need to use your skills as a bowmaster to shoot him down. You'll need to be quick and accurate, as Huggy Wuggy is fast and agile, and he'll do everything he can to avoid your shots.

But don't worry, Stickman is more than up to the challenge. With your help, he'll be able to take down Huggy Wuggy and restore peace to the city. So what are you waiting for? Tap to make Stickman vex shoot Huggy Wuggy and complete the easy levels!
Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy - stickman playtime with AWP wants to kill huggy wuggy. Stickman shoot huggy like a baldy. Tap to make stickman vex shoot huggy wuggy and complete easy levels! Stick bowmaster. Floor is lava and monster school sticks are coming!

Aim and hit the head of Huggy Wuggy! Shoot and try to hit the target right away. Be careful! You can hurt yourself, too.


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