Star Fighter Fruits

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Welcome to the intergalactic world of Star Fighter Fruits! In this thrilling game, you'll take on the role of a space pilot tasked with defending the galaxy from an invasion of deadly fruit. That's right, fruit! These aren't your ordinary apples and oranges - these are genetically modified fruits that have grown to monstrous proportions and are now threatening to destroy everything in their path.

Equipped with your trusty laser sword, you'll need to swipe your screen to slice through the fruit as they hurtle towards you. But be careful - there are also bombs mixed in with the fruit, and if you hit one, it's game over. With lightning-fast reflexes and precision slicing skills, you'll need to dodge the bombs and slice through the fruit with speed and accuracy.

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new power-ups and upgrades to help you in your mission. Use the Peachy Time power-up to slow down time and give yourself an extra edge, or activate the Berry Blast to destroy multiple fruits at once. And if you're really in a tight spot, activate the Bomb Deflect to send bombs flying back at the fruit and clear a path to victory.

With multiple game modes to choose from, including Arcade, Zen, and Classic, there's always a new challenge waiting for you in Star Fighter Fruits. So what are you waiting for? Strap in, power up your laser sword, and get ready to slice your way to victory in this epic battle against the fruit invasion!
Swipe your screen to cut fruit, but don’t hit bombs – that’s how easy it is to play Fruit Ninja, the hit fruit-slicing mobile game enjoyed by billions of players all over the world! Start your addiction to the delicious fruit carnage with the three original game modes and a wide range of blades and dojos to choose from. Experience the thrill of setting a new high score in the fan-favourite Arcade mode as you dodge bombs and slice massive combos with the help of the special Double Score, Freeze or Frenzy bananas, or relax and slash for stress relief in Zen Mode. Last but not least, slice as many fruit as you can in Classic mode – just don’t drop the fruit and don’t hit the bombs! Make your game even more exciting by equipping the special power-ups: Peachy Time, which gives extra time; Berry Blast, which destroys surrounding fruit when sliced; and Bomb Deflect

Hold Left Mouse Button and Swipe to Cut the Fruits



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