Space Doodles

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Welcome to the whimsical world of Space Doodles! This game takes you on a journey through the galaxy, where you'll encounter a variety of colorful and quirky aliens. But don't be fooled by their cute appearance - they're here to wreak havoc and it's up to you to stop them.

Armed with a trusty space pen, you'll need to draw your way to victory by creating barriers and obstacles to block the aliens' attacks. But be quick on your feet - the aliens won't wait around for you to finish your doodles!

As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter new and more challenging enemies, each with their own unique abilities and weaknesses. But fear not - you'll also have access to power-ups and upgrades to help you on your mission.

With its charming hand-drawn graphics and addictive gameplay, Space Doodles is a game that's sure to capture your imagination. So grab your pen and get ready to save the galaxy, one doodle at a time!
Protect the galaxy from aliens.

If you are a space shooting lover and want to simulate shooting into the sky, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is the game for you.
One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack from cosmic intruders. You are the last hero of the galaxy. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the galaxy from evil enemies.
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack puts you on the front lines of the battle against space intruders. You will take control of a spaceship and must protect the galaxy from aliens.
As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spaceship to bring it up to full lethal power.

- Amazing lighting and special effects
- Includes bonuses and bosses!
- Global leaderboard.
- Happy circle.

- Move the spaceship
- Kill intruders
- Upgrade your spaceship
- Change your weapons.

The future of the Galaxy is now in your hands. Prepare your weapons for epic battles.



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