Snow Disc Christmas

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Welcome to the winter wonderland of Snow Disc Christmas! Get ready to slide down the snowy hill on your trusty snow disc sled. But beware, this is no ordinary sledding adventure. You'll need to collect all the candy canes scattered throughout the course while dodging obstacles and avoiding giant snowballs.

As you glide down the hill, you'll need to use your quick reflexes to avoid crashing into the houses that line the course. One wrong move and it's game over! But that's not all - the giant snowballs rolling down the hill can also be a hazard. If you're not careful, you'll get knocked off your sled and lose a life.

But don't worry, you're not alone in this adventure. You'll have the help of your trusty snow disc sled to guide you through the twists and turns of the course. With each successful run, you'll earn points and unlock new levels with even more challenging obstacles.

So, grab your snow disc sled and get ready for an exciting ride through the winter wonderland of Snow Disc Christmas. Can you collect all the candy canes and make it to the end without crashing? Play now and find out!
Slide your snow disc sled down the hill. Collect all the candy canes, dodge the houses and watch out for the giant snowballs.

If you hit the snowballs, you will lose a life. If you hit the houses, the game will end.



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