Raft Shark Hunting

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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Raft Shark Hunting! This game takes you on an ultimate underwater whale shark hunting experience, where your bravery and spear fishing skills will be put to the test. You'll find yourself in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by dangerous sharks, and your only chance of survival is to hunt them down.

You can choose to play as a real shark hunter, aiming your hunter gear from the shark raft survival mission, or as an underwater scuba boat diver, experiencing the thrill of the hunt up close and personal. With a range of high-powered shark hunting and fish hunter gear at your disposal, including spears, fishing hooks, pistols, underwater assault rifles, and machine guns, you'll have everything you need to defend yourself and take down these deadly predators.

But be warned, the sharks won't go down without a fight. They'll come at you with all their might, testing your reflexes and quick thinking. You'll need to be strategic and precise in your attacks, aiming for their weak spots and avoiding their deadly jaws.

With stunning graphics and realistic underwater environments, Raft Shark Hunting will transport you to a world of danger and excitement. So gear up, get ready, and dive into the ultimate shark hunting adventure!
Shark hunting raft game puts you in an ultimate underwater whale shark hunting environment, where bravery and underwater spear fishing awareness will be tested step by step in the way of shark hunting game. You can be a real shark hunter by aiming your hunter gear from the shark raft survival mission or go for an underwater hunter experience as a scuba boat diver. Defend yourself and hunt underwater shark with a range of high powered shark hunting and fish hunter gear, from spear, fishing hook, pistols to underwater assault rifles and machine guns.

WASD - Move Space - Jump Mouse - Shoot 1 - Shooter Mode 2 - Boat Mode



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