Number Games Solitaire Style

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is a thrilling and challenging game that combines the best of three worlds: traditional blackjack, solitaire, and number games. This game will put your brain to the test and pump it up to 100% with its brain-puzzling challenges.

The objective of the game is to collect all the chips on the field while keeping the total number of points from 0 to 21. It's similar to Blackjack 21, but with a twist. You must use up all the chips to win, and after winning, you'll be credited with DK coins that you can use to open new chips.

What sets this game apart from others is its variety of chip layouts in each level, constantly changing background, and the ability to buy new colorful chips with coins. It's a game that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Playing this puzzle once a day will keep your mind sharp, improve your attention and concentration, and enhance your mathematical skills. It's one of the coolest brain games out there, and it's available offline, so you can play it anytime, anywhere.

Get ready to challenge yourself and have fun with Number Games Solitaire Style!
Solitaire 0-21 in Blackjack style is a symbiosis of 3 games, you can say 3 in 1. Firstly it is almost traditional blackjack, secondly it is almost solitaire and in 3 it is a game with numbers. Pump your brain up to 100% in this brain puzzle from games-dk
The game is similar to Blackjack 21 but slightly different. It is necessary to collect all the chips on the field and keep the total number of points from 0 to 21, the task is to use up all the chips. After winning, these coins are credited with DK coins, you can open new chips.
Among the free mind games, I prefer Blackjack Solitaire 0-21 as it is one of the cool brain games.
If you play this puzzle once a day, you will keep the sharpness of your mind, as well as pump your attention, concentration and raise your mathematical skills, because in essence this is a game with numbers.
⭐️ Variety of chip layouts in each level
⭐️ Constantly changing background
⭐️ Buy new colorful chips with coins
⭐️ Number games - solitaire style available offline



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