Moto Maniac 3

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Get ready to rev your engines and take on the ultimate trial challenge in Moto Maniac 3! This heart-pumping game will put your skills to the test as you navigate through a dense forest filled with treacherous obstacles. With your trusty bike at your side, you'll need to tilt and maneuver your way over rocks, logs, and fallen trees to reach the finish line.

But that's not all - a wild bear has been disturbed by the sound of your engine and is hot on your tail! You'll need to be quick and agile to avoid being caught by the ferocious beast. With every second counting, you'll need to push yourself to the limit to outrun the bear and complete the course in record time.

With stunning graphics and challenging gameplay, Moto Maniac 3 is the ultimate test of your trial skills. So gear up, rev your engine, and get ready to take on the wilds of the forest in this adrenaline-fueled adventure!
This is a tilty bike game that will challenge your trial skills to the max. The trial competition is set up in the forest, so be ready to climb over trees and rocks. Your main goal is to overcome all the obstacles as fast as you can. But there is a second (yet important) goal - a wild bear was annoyed by the loud engine sounds and it is chasing you, so be quick not to be caught by the beast!



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