Mob Control

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Welcome to the exciting world of Mob Control! In this thrilling game, you are in charge of a growing crowd of people, and your goal is to capture all the bases by launching your people onto multiplier gates. The more people you gather, the stronger your crowd becomes, and the easier it is to take over the bases.

But beware! The red gates are your enemies, and they will try to stop you at all costs. If you hit a red gate, your crowd will shrink, and you'll have to start over. And if the red crowd manages to push you back, they'll ruin all your fun!

So, how many people can you gather? Can you outsmart the red gates and build the biggest crowd in town? With fast-paced gameplay, colorful graphics, and addictive challenges, Mob Control is the ultimate test of your strategy and skill. Get ready to launch, gather, and conquer!
Launch people onto multiplier gates to increase your crowd and capture all the bases!
Avoid the red gates and push back the red crowd, trying to ruin your fun!

How many people can you gather?



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