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Welcome to Mini-Zoos-Online, the ultimate zoo simulation game that will take you on a wild adventure! As the newly appointed manager of a mini farm, it's your job to turn it into a thriving zoo business. You'll need to feed and care for your animals, keep their habitats clean and tidy, and sell tickets to visitors to make a profit.

But that's not all - as you grow your zoo, you'll have the opportunity to expand and build new attractions, hire staff to help you manage the workload, and even breed new animals to add to your collection. With each new addition, you'll attract more visitors and earn more money, allowing you to continue growing your zoo empire.

But be warned - running a zoo is no easy task. You'll need to keep your animals happy and healthy, manage your finances carefully, and deal with unexpected events like natural disasters and animal escapes. Can you handle the pressure and build the ultimate mini zoo?

With stunning graphics, realistic animal behavior, and endless possibilities for growth and expansion, Mini-Zoos-Online is the perfect game for animal lovers and simulation enthusiasts alike. So what are you waiting for? Start building your zoo today and see how far you can go!
Mini Zoo is a very hot zoo simulation game. Congratulations, you are now the manager of a zoo, start with a mini farm and run your zoo business. Your task is to make money by feeding your animals, cleaning them, and selling tickets. In addition, you can expand and build more business. You can't do it all by yourself, hire workers to help you!



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