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Matches Puzzle Game is a captivating and challenging game that will put your problem-solving skills to the test. With over 999 levels, this classic game will keep you entertained for hours on end. The game is simple yet intriguing - you are presented with a figure or an arithmetic solution made up of matches, and your task is to move, remove or add matches until you find the correct solution.

The game's minimalist design and relaxing background music create a calming atmosphere that allows you to focus on the task at hand. However, don't be fooled by the game's simplicity - some levels require elegant solutions that will leave you scratching your head.

But fear not, if you get stuck, you can always access the hints by clicking on the light bulb icon. The hints will guide you towards the solution without giving away too much, allowing you to feel a sense of accomplishment when you finally crack the puzzle.

Overall, Matches Puzzle Game is a must-play for anyone who loves a good challenge. It's a game that will test your logic, creativity, and patience, and leave you feeling satisfied when you finally solve that tricky puzzle.
Solve matchstick puzzles by moving, adding and removing matches until you find the right solution!

This is a classic game invented over 100 years ago.

A game that excites the minds of the curious. The rules are simple: what you see on the screen is not an ideal figure, or an incorrect arithmetic solution made up of matches. Move, remove or add matches... and voila! Puzzle solution found (do not leave unused matches).

Some problems can be surprisingly simple, while others require elegant solutions. Most of the levels can be completed in several ways (other solutions are possible than those suggested).

Hints can be accessed by clicking the "Hints" button (light bulb icon).


- More than 999 levels.
- Minimalist design.
- Relaxing background music.
- Useful hints when no one else can help.

--== Instructions ==--
- To remove a match: Click on it.
- To add a match: Click on an empty placeholder.


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