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Welcome to the world of Jelly Phil, a cute and colorful 2D platformer game that will take you on a thrilling adventure! In this game, you play as a lovable jelly man who is on a mission to collect pink jellies while avoiding dangerous obstacles such as jelly enemies and saws. Your ultimate goal is to reach the exit door in each level and progress to the next one.

With eight exciting levels to play, Jelly Phil offers a fun and challenging experience for players of all ages. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases, and you'll need to use your skills and quick reflexes to avoid the obstacles and collect all the pink jellies.

The controls are simple and easy to learn. You can use the "WASD" or "Arrow" keys to move your jelly man around the screen, and the "W" or "Up" arrow key twice for a double jump. With these controls, you can jump, dodge, and weave your way through the levels, collecting jellies and avoiding danger.

Jelly Phil is a game that is sure to captivate you with its charming graphics, delightful sound effects, and addictive gameplay. So what are you waiting for? Join Jelly Phil on his adventure today and see if you have what it takes to complete all eight levels!
Jelly Phil is a 2D cute little platformer where you play as jelly man who have to collect pink jellies while avoiding the jelly enemies and saws and reach the exit door in order to go to the next level. There are 8 levels to play and the difficulty increases as you continue.

Use "WASD" or "Arrow" keys for the player's movement.
Use "W" or "Up" arrow key twice for double jump.



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