Idle Robots

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Welcome to the world of Idle Robots, where you can fulfill your dream of building your own robot from scratch! This game offers a unique experience of creating your own robot by selecting the best parts and technologies available.

With a vast selection of legendary robots such as T 800, R2D2, D.O.G, ARM, and many more, you can build your robot piece by piece and unlock new robots as you progress through the game. The game offers a variety of content, making it an exciting clicker game that will keep you engaged for hours.

Start by assembling the upper parts of your robot and discover additional body design options as you progress. The game also offers gifts, speed boosts, time travel, and happy spins to keep you entertained and engaged.

Idle Robots is the perfect game for anyone who loves robots, technology, and building things from scratch. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your dream robot today and become the ultimate robot builder in Idle Robots!
Have you ever dreamed of programming your own robot from scratch? Build it step by step, choosing the best parts for it? Well, now it's possible more than ever.

The game "Idle Robots" presents a huge selection of technologies. Here you will find such legendary robots as T 800, R2D2, D.O.G, ARM and so on. Create them piece by piece and unlock more and more new robots!

Advantages of the game:
-Variety of content
-This clicker features the most iconic robots for cinema and art time. Start by assembling the upper parts and discover additional body design options.
- Get gifts, increase your speed, travel through time and try your luck with happy spins.



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