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Welcome to, the ultimate online battle game where you can summon units with various types of firearms, both old and new, to fight against other players in a full-scale war. With 18 teams playing in online mode, you'll have the chance to show off your shooting skills and lead your team to victory.

In, you'll be playing as a cute 2D character armed with a powerful gun. Your goal is to shoot down as many enemies as possible and win the battle. With no less than 10 players in each team, you'll have to work together to outsmart your opponents and claim victory.

But that's not all. In, you can choose to build your team and unlock better characters with even more powerful weapons. With each victory, you'll earn points that can be used to upgrade your team and become even stronger.

So what are you waiting for? Join the battle in and show off your shooting skills. With its addictive gameplay, cute characters, and endless possibilities for customization, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Don't miss this opportunity to become the ultimate gun master!
Summon units with various types of firearms, both old and new.
-Have fun shooting groups in your battle to win the battle. In the ultimate full-scale war, 18 teams play in online mode. No less than 10 players, cute 2D characters with guns.
-Choose to build in the team. It can unlock better characters. Do not miss this opportunity!

*WASD* = Move
*mouse* = Shoot


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