Funny Throat Surgery

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Welcome to the world of Funny Throat Surgery, where you get to experience the thrill of being a doctor and curing throat diseases! Are you suffering from a sore throat? Don't worry, our expert doctor is here to help you out.

In this game, you will get to play the role of a doctor and cure various throat diseases. You will have to use your medical skills to diagnose the problem and then perform the surgery to cure it. You will have to remove infected tonsils, destroy bacteria, and cure gum diseases.

But wait, that's not all! Once you have successfully cured the patient, you get to dress them up in cute and funny outfits. Yes, you heard it right! You get to be a fashion designer too!

So, put on your doctor's coat and get ready to cure some throat diseases. Remember, it's not just about being healthy, it's also about being stylish! Play Funny Throat Surgery now and experience the thrill of being a doctor and a fashion designer at the same time!
Having a throat sore? Let the doctor see you! Cure the diseases on you gums, destroy all bacteries, and remove the infected amandels. Get some cute and funny dress up at the end of your journey to the doctor. It's important to be healthy and stylish!



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