Falling Elevator

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is a thrilling game that will have you on the edge of your seat! You find yourself trapped in an elevator that is hurtling towards the ground, and your only chance of survival is to jump out and avoid the obstacles that come your way. But it's not just the obstacles you need to worry about - the police are hot on your tail, and if they catch you, it's game over.

As you fall, you'll need to use all your skills to dodge the obstacles and stay alive. You'll encounter all sorts of challenges, from falling debris to moving platforms, and you'll need to be quick and agile to avoid them all. But don't forget about the elevator itself - if it explodes, it's game over for everyone.

With its fast-paced gameplay and heart-pumping action, Falling Elevator is a game that will keep you coming back for more. Can you survive the fall and escape the police? Play now and find out!
Fall from the Elevator up and down You have to get off the elevator avoid obstacles, so as not to be arrested by the police. Save the elevator from exploding.

Fall Breaking Fall down



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