Extreme Thumb War

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Welcome to the ultimate test of thumb strength and agility - Extreme Thumb War! This game takes the classic childhood game of thumb war and turns it up to the max. With over twenty unique thumb characters to choose from, you can select the perfect digit to represent you in battle.

Once you've chosen your thumb warrior, it's time to face off against your opponent. Whether you're playing against a friend or the CPU, the goal is the same - to smash your opponent's finger until their power bar runs out. But be careful - your own health bar is also at risk, so you'll need to balance your offensive and defensive strategies to come out on top.

With fast-paced gameplay and intuitive controls, Extreme Thumb War is the perfect game for anyone looking for a quick and exciting challenge. So get ready to flex those thumb muscles and show your opponents who's boss!
We are carrying thumb war game which is a very popular game in daily life, to the devices. Pick one thumb character between more than twenty thumb character; and prove your skills against your friend or against CPU! There are two bars which are health bar and power bar in the game. You can smash your opponent's finger until the power bar comes to end.

You can control the game by touch controls or by "W" and "UP ARROW KEY" in keyboarded devices.


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