Chess War

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Chess War is not your typical game of chess. It is a thrilling and challenging game that will test your strategic skills and tactical abilities. In this game, you are not just playing to capture your opponent's pieces, but you are on a mission to get the red flag.

The game is set in a battlefield where you have to navigate through obstacles and overcome challenges to reach your goal. You will need to move your chess pieces according to the rules of chess, but with a twist. You can move half the board left or right to avoid obstacles and reach your destination.

The game is not just about moving your pieces, but also about planning your moves carefully. You need to limit the number of moves you make, or you will lose the game. This adds an extra layer of challenge to the game, making it more exciting and engaging.

Chess War is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a game that requires both skill and strategy, and it will test your ability to think on your feet. So, if you are up for a challenge, then Chess War is the game for you.
You move the chess to the positions according to the rules to get the red flag. To do that, you need to overcome obstacles that stand in your way. For example, you can move half the board left or right to overcome those obstacles. You also need to limit the number of moves not to lose.

Move the chess with the mouse



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